Apply for approval as a security training provider

You must be approved by Consumer and Business Services (CBS) if you run a business that provides training for the security industry - this excludes security alarm and surveillance systems.

Who can apply

Sole traders, all partners and companies (including their directors) must be clear of legal restrictions on their work or business. Legal restrictions include things like bankruptcy, financial receivership, a suspended or disqualified trade licence.

You or your company can't apply if you were a director of any company that was wound up to pay creditors in the last five years - including if you were a director six months before winding up started.

Before you apply

You'll need to complete a Personal Information Declaration (PID) if one hasn't already been provided for another current licence.

People who have lived overseas in the last two years must provide a police certificate from the country where they lived and a copy of their passport. If you can't provide the overseas certificate, complete a statutory declaration and include a copy of your visa grant notice.

Offences and convictions

You may not be approved if you have committed a criminal offence.

Offences and convictions

How to apply

There is no fee to apply for approval.

1. Complete the form

Fill in the Industry training provider approval form (PDF 84KB).

2. Print and sign

Print and sign the completed form.

3. Lodgement


Scan the form that you signed and email to –


Post your approval to:

Licencing and Registration
GPO Box 1719
Adelaide 5001

What happens next

If your approval is granted, South Australia Police will contact you arrange to have your fingerprints taken.

Your approval will be cancelled if you don't have your fingerprints taken within 6 months.

All security training sessions must be given by a licensed trainer. You will be guilty of an offence if you employ trainers who don't hold a licence.

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