Licence to manufacture explosives

Licences are required for mixing and using ammonium nitrate and for a factory manufacturing explosives.

Who should apply

Anyone who is mixing and using ammonium nitrate or manufacturing explosives must first apply to be licensed.

Ammonium nitrate

This licence is required for mixing and using ammonium nitrate. If explosive is stored overnight, a licence to store on premises or in a magazine is required.

A licence is not transferable and is only valid for:

  • the person to whom it is issued
  • the place or places specified
  • the particular ammonium nitrate mixture specified.

Factory manufacture

This licence permits the manufacture of authorised explosives at a specified factory site. All explosives manufactured must be classified by the Dangerous Substances Section of SafeWork SA.

A licence granted to the occupier of the factory is not transferable and is valid only for:

  • that occupier
  • the site specified.

How to apply

1. Application form

Download the licence application forms from the SafeWork SA website.

2. Lodgement

Lodge the signed application with SafeWork SA, along with the specified fee.

SafeWork SA contact details and office locations


Licences must be renewed annually with SafeWork SA, with payment of the required fee.

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