Renew or change a labour hire licence

You'll receive your renewal notice by email each year. Your renewal date will be 12 months from the start of your licence.

With your renewal, you must:

  • pay the fee
  • lodge information about your business including but not limited to:
    • the number of labour hire workers who undertook relevant work - eg trolley collection
    • details of the industry you have primarily provided workers to
    • information about complying with relevant laws, as outlined in Part 2, section 6 of the Labour Hire Licensing Act
    • information about disciplinary action
    • information regarding notifiable incidents
    • information about any compensation applications.

If your licence has been surrendered or cancelled, you must apply for a new one.


Application type Annual fee

Natural person


Body corporate


Changes you must report to CBS

You must notify CBS if you:

Change a responsible person

Once you have an existing labour hire licence and need to change a responsible person you must:

  • complete the online application form to seek approval from Consumer and Business Services (CBS)
  • provide with your application a National Police Certificate (NPC) no more than 12 months old for each nominated responsible person.

New responsible persons will still need to be displayed on the objection register for 14 days.

You can appoint a substitute responsible person for up to 30 days if a responsible person will be absent from the business. You must notify CBS within seven days of the appointment.

Contact CBS licensing


Phone131 882 and press 4

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