Refusal to pay winnings

A gambling provider can withhold winnings from you if:

  • you're subject to a barring order
  • a gaming machine, or a game being played on a machine, is not operating properly.

A gambling provider must request your name and address and advise you of your right to have the decision reviewed by the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner.

Apply for a review

You can apply to the commissioner for a review of the decision to refuse to pay winnings within 14 days.

The commissioner will either confirm or revoke the decision.

The final decision can't be reviewed or changed.

A gambling provider must also withhold winnings from a minor who operates a gaming machine. Those winnings are forfeited to the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for payment into the Gamblers Rehabilitation Fund.

A decision to withhold winnings from a minor is not able to be reviewed or changed.

Contact CBS Gaming


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