Community impact assessments

The social effect certificate process for gaming machine licences has been replaced by the community impact assessment.

A community impact assessment demonstrates that granting an gaming application is in the community interest.

When to complete a community impact assessment

The types of applications which may require a community impact assessment include:

  • a new gaming machine licence
  • the amalgamation of a club licence which also has a gaming machine licence
  • varying a gaming machine licence (eg increasing the number of approved machines)
  • removing a gaming machine licence (eg moving the gaming licence to different premises).

Once your application is received, CBS will determine whether you need to prepare a community impact assessment submission.

The new Community Impact Assessment Guidelines (PDF 59KB) streamline this process for applicants, who will be able to complete the submission themselves without having to use a lawyer.

Use the online form in the CBS Liquor and Gaming Online (LGO) Portal. This includes details about what you need to support your submission.


When determining whether you need to prepare a community impact assessment, CBS consider:

  • harm that might be caused by gambling - whether to a community as a whole, or a specific group within that community
  • cultural, recreational, employment or tourism impacts
  • social impact in the community.

The level of detail required in a community impact assessment submission will vary for each application.

Visit the CBS website for more details about the new process.

Contact CBS Liquor and Gaming


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