Buying goods and services

Booking travel

Planning travel can be an exciting time but make sure you understand what you're getting and what you pay for.

Misleading advertising

Make sure you're not being misled by businesses that claim they have the best or lowest travel price. Check that the advertising:

  • is clear and doesn't hide costs or special conditions
  • shows the total cost, including taxes.

Optional extras, such as luggage, don't need to be included in the advertised price.


Check the terms and conditions of your contract with your travel agent, insurance company and accommodation before booking. Find out what happens if you cancel for reasons like getting sick or an accident.

Be wary if a business can cancel or delay flights and not help you or pay your extra costs. If a flight has been delayed or cancelled and your refund is taking too long, contact the Airline Customer Advocate.


Your accommodation should be reasonably clean. If it isn't, or if you’re worried about safety at your accommodation, talk to them about it first. If they aren't helpful, contact Consumer and Business Services (CBS) to make a complaint.

Unfair contracts

There are laws to protect you from unfair conditions in standard form contracts. It might not be legal if the contract:

  • is one sided
  • disadvantages you
  • is unnecessary.

Making a consumer complaint

There are some simple steps that you can take before lodging a formal complaint with CBS. 

Making a consumer complaint has advice and a checklist to guide you through resolving a problem with a travel service.

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