Problems at work

If you have a problem at work that you can't resolve, assistance and support are available.

If you feel physically threatened and need help, phone the police on 131 444.


You are protected by law against discrimination on a range of grounds including age, gender and race. If you think you're a victim of unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment, visit the Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity website.

Apprentices and trainees

If you're an apprentice or trainee and you have a problem, a disagreement or a dispute with your employer, contact the Department for Innovation or phone us on 1800 673 097 for impartial advice.


Your employer should have a policy and complaints procedure for workplace bullying. It should set out the processes available to you and a contact officer for you to go to with your complaint.

Find practical advice on dealing with workplace bullying at Safe Work Australia.

Unfair dismissal

If an employer fires a worker without a valid reason they may be breaking the law. Find out what unfair dismissal and termination mean under federal and state law, and what action employees can take.

Read the Fair Work Commission's overview of unfair dismissal laws for more information.

The Fair Work Commission website can help with information about unfair dismissal, unlawful termination, and your pay or employment conditions.


Learn about the rules governing termination of employment and find out about the required notice of termination and your entitlements.

Retrenchment or redundancy

The Fair Work Act 2009 provides for the payment of redundancy pay if you're made redundant under certain circumstances and specifies the amounts payable depending on length of service. The Fairwork Ombudsman website explains redundancy and how much you should be paid.

Assistance after retrenchment or redundancy - Department of Human Services.

Workplace injury

Workplace safety laws protect your health and safety at work, and services are available to help you if you're injured.

Report an injury or start a work injury claim by calling your claims agent, or ReturnToWorkSA on 13 18 55 Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Read about what to do when an injury occurs at the ReturnToWorkSA website.

Assistance employees with disability

If you're an employee with  disability looking for support to maintain employment, and advice on workplace modifications and equipment:

Assistance from unions

Unions represent workers, and can often help with information and support in relation to pay, conditions and safety at work.

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