Finding a job

If you're unemployed, Centrelink may refer you to a Jobactive provider to discuss your existing skills, job prospects and training options.

Jobactive helps job seekers to write a resume, look for work, prepare for interviews, get skills that local employers need, and find and keep a job.

Visit Jobactive for employment opportunities nationwide. If you register, you can complete a job match profile and find jobs that may suit you using their jobs database.

Visit Centrelink for services and income support.

Commercial employment websites can also be useful.

Jobs with the South Australian government

The South Australian government advertises jobs in many areas on I work for SA. Each vacancy offers a point of contact so candidates can discuss the job application process. Guidelines on applying for vacancies are also listed by some departments.

Government contracts and tenders

Learn about winning state and local government tenders and contracts at doing business with government.

Employment agencies

There are some jobs you can only find out about through employment agencies.

Different agencies offer different services. Some agencies specialise in one area, others in several related areas. Some specialise in entry-level positions, others in executive searches. Check you know what type of agency you're approaching.

To get a job through an agency, you register with that agency. You can register with more than one agency. Try searching the web using terms such as 'labour agencies Adelaide'.

Labour hire and temporary agencies

Temporary jobs are a great way to build skills and get experience. Some employers use labour hire and temp agencies to trial workers before offering permanent employment.

Labour hire and temp agencies match workers to available jobs.

The agency becomes your employer, assigning you to different jobs.

Starting your own business

Learn about where to begin when starting a business - from home-based to micro, small/medium and large - and seek advice in areas ranging from workshops to licensing and regulation and business networks.

Volunteer programs to help you get work

Volunteering provides opportunities to build on your existing job skills, learn new skills and increase your chance of getting a job as well as helping your community.

See Volunteering.

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