Equal opportunity

As an employer you're responsible for the actions of your staff in their dealings with colleagues and customers in addition to your treatment of employees.

Employers should consider developing a code of conduct outlining the behaviour expected of staff.

Learn more about employers responsibilities and dealing with complaints at the Office of the Commissioner for Equal Opportunity website.

Hiring staff

As an employer you should focus on the skills and experience you're seeking when trying to find the best person for a job.

Avoid any reference to personal characteristics - such as age, sex, religion or disability - unless they are part of the requirements of the position or you have an exemption.

View exemptions in the Equal Opportunity Act 1984 .

Dismissing, retrenching or retiring staff

Workers who lose their jobs have certain rights under workplace and equal opportunity laws. Employers can find themselves defending an unfair dismissal claim if they get it wrong.

View employer responsibilities when dismissing, retrenching or retiring staff.

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