Assistance and support for apprentices

Travel and accommodation allowances

If you have to travel more than 150 km to get to and from your closest approved training provider the state government may contribute towards some of your travel and accommodation costs. Check if you're eligible for the travel and accommodation allowance.

Living away from home

If you have to live away from home to do your apprenticeship, you may be eligible for an allowance. Your Australian Apprenticeships Support Network Provider can provide information about eligibility. Contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider.

Resolving a problem

Support is available to help you resolve issues with your employer.

If you're being bullied or harassed see Safe Work Australia's guides to bullying.

For confidential support and advice about any issues with your training both in the workplace or at your place of training visit the Office of the Training Advocate website.

If a problem cannot be resolved a dispute or grievance can be referred to the South Australian Employment Tribunal.


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