Community Youth Justice

Community Youth Justice (CYJ) is a statewide program that provides community-based supervision and case management to young people on court orders such as:

  • bail
  • community service
  • obligation
  • suspended sentence obligation
  • home detention
  • detention.

Case management

Young people engaged with Youth Justice through the supervision of their court order are provided with a case management service and/or support in undertaking community service work or programs.

Case management focuses on consistent face-to face contact, goal setting and goal achievement. A case plan will be developed with the young person and may involve important people in their life to support this plan. An important goal in all plans is to work out ways to change the young person’s offending behaviour.

The Youth Court expects a young person to follow 'reasonable directions' of their case manager. These directions are likely to include attending supervision, school, programs or counselling. The expectations will be detailed in the case plan. If the court order includes a condition to 'reside where directed', it is important for a young person to let their case manager always know where they are living. A young person must advise their case manager if their living arrangements are going to change.

CYJ also uses a range of community rehabilitation programs. Changing Habits and Reaching Targets (CHART) is one of the main programs used for young people sentenced on a court order with supervision. This is a one-on-one program that takes place each week with the case manager. The young person is also able to choose additional topics to explore. This program is aimed at supporting young people to reduce their offending.

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