Prisoner awarded damages and compensation

Prisoners can seek compensation for a range of matters including alleged injuries or loss of property while in prison. If they are successful in their claim, the money may be held in the prisoner compensation quarantine fund for 12 months.

If the amount of compensation awarded exceeds $10,000, monies are quarantined and victims can make a claim for recovery of damages.

Prisoner compensation quarantine fund

There are currently no prisoners with monies in the prisoner compensation quarantine fund.

How to apply

Victims already registered will be told of any relevant awards to prisoners that have been quarantined.

Compensation is not automatically paid to victims, they must apply.

Before applying, contact the Victim Services Unit for advice on eligibility and the application process:

Claimants are also encouraged to seek legal advice.

Criminal injury compensation

Information about compensation for criminal injury and loss is available from the Commissioner for Victims’ Rights.

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Correctional Services Act 1982

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