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A justice of the peace (JP) acts as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. For example, a JP may:

  • certify a true copy of an original document
  • certify a person's identity
  • witness an affidavit for use in court
  • witness a statutory declaration
  • witness the signing of a document.

Find a JP in SA

Other places to find a JP

State electorate offices

The South Australian Parliament website has electorate office addresses and phone numbers. Contact your local office to make sure a JP is available.

Other authorised witnesses

In addition to JPs, there are other categories of people who can legally witness statutory declarations – eg government employees, accountants, religious ministers, medical professionals and bank officers who meet the criteria.

See the full list of authorised witnesses on the Attorney-General's Department website.

Complaints and feedback

Complaints against JPs must be made in writing. The complaint must include the name of the JP, the ID number (if known) and details of the incident, including any supporting documentation or evidence.

Complaints will be considered if a JP does not comply with:

We will also investigate:

  • JPs who have been charged with or convicted of offences
  • JPs not carrying out the official functions of the office correctly
  • general misconduct.

Personal disputes between the public and a JP will not be considered.

You can also provide feedback, including suggestions for how the service could be improved.

Lodge a complaint on the Consumer and Business Affairs website.

Contact Justice of the Peace Services

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