Dealing with debt collectors

You may be contacted by a debt collector if you fall behind on a loan or credit card repayment and don't contact your creditor.

A debt collector may be from the original credit or service provider, or a debt collection agency acting on the creditor's behalf.

If a debt collector contacts you, you can expect to be treated in a professional manner.

Dealing with Debt Collectors: Your Rights and Responsibilities on the Money Smart website, provides information about:

  • what to do when a debt collector contacts you
  • how and when a debt collector can contact you
  • unacceptable behaviours by debt collectors
  • disputing a debt
  • whether you're being taken to court.

Free legal advice

If you want to dispute a debt, or feel your rights have been infringed in any way, free legal advice - and representation in some cases - is available through the Consumer Credit Law Centre South Australia (CCLCSA).

The CCLCSA can help with:

  • repossessions and mortgage loan foreclosure
  • debt management options (including bankruptcy and debt agreements)
  • debtor's court and ongoing assistance and casework, including court/tribunal representation
  • disputes related to loans for personal, domestic and household use - eg credit cards, mortgages, personal loans
  • credit debt
  • credit history reports.

Contact CCLCSA



8342 1800 or 1300 886 220 for country callers

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Free legal advice

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