Purchasing land and property data

Search using SAILIS

The general public and account customers can use the South Australian Integrated Land Information system (SAILIS) to search for land and property information.

Land Services SA provides a range of property information products which are generally purchased when:

  • buying or selling a house
  • refinancing your home or property
  • researching a property
  • undertaking any property development or home extensions
  • boundary realignments
  • property subdivisions or amalgamation

How to purchase these products

Land Services SA delivers the above products through SAILIS (South Australian Integrated Land Information System).

Anyone can access SAILIS as a guest user to view the range of information products.

Industry professionals

Industry professionals may need to establish an account with Land Services SA in order to access a broader range of SAILIS functionality, such as the ability to lodge a Priority Notice.

Visit the Land Services SA website for more information on accessing SAILIS or establishing an account.

Base map bulk data extracts

Mapland sells a range of products such as topographic data from the Department of Water and Environment data, mapping or customised mapping, aerial imagery and aerial photography library. Please contact Mapland for more detailed pricing.

Custom and bulk data extracts

Custom or bulk data products can be compiled using data from the land information systems database. If a fee is payable you will be advised of this after your request has been reviewed.

How to request a data extract

Individuals and businesses

Complete the data request form and email a copy to Land Services SA at dataaccess@landservices.com.au.

Government, councils and universities

Commonwealth, state and local government agencies and universities can make a request online.

Make a request

Enquiries should be emailed to the Office of the Registrar-General at AGD.DataRequestsORG@sa.gov.au.

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