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The naming of geographical places in South Australia is regulated by the Geographical Names Act 1991. Under the Act, interested people can make submissions on proposed name changes.

Geographic places include:

  • areas
  • regions
  • localities
  • cities
  • suburbs
  • towns
  • mountains
  • rivers
  • places or buildings that may be of historical interest.

For more information on naming policy see Geographical names guidelines.

Guidelines for submitting new proposals

All proposals must comply with the Geographical names guidelines. If a proposal doesn't meet the guidelines it is unlikely to be successful. These guidelines cover proposals to:

  • assign a name to a place
  • alter an existing name
  • assign or alter suburb and locality names or boundaries.

Submissions other than for suburbs or localities should be in writing to the Surveyor-General and lodged with the Geographical Names Unit.

Proposals to assign a new suburb or locality name or alter an existing suburb or locality name or boundary should be discussed with the local council or local authority if not within a council area. It is preferred the council or authority submit the proposal on behalf of the proposer, together with its comments, to the Surveyor-General.

A new proposal should include:

  • the name, address, contact number and email address (if available) of the person making the submission
  • a detailed justification for the proposal
  • a map or plan showing the location and extent of the proposal
  • an indication of the level of community support for the proposal and how this was determined - eg community meeting or petition
  • the views of the council (or local authority if not in a council area)
  • any comments from affected individuals, agencies or interest groups.

The Surveyor-General is responsible for investigating naming proposals and makes recommendations to the minister.

How to comment on a proposal

Written submissions relating to a current naming proposal are welcome from anyone around the world.

A submission must include:

  • the name and address of the person making the submission
  • details of your support or opposition to the proposal
  • any counter proposal relating to the situation
  • any general comments.



Office of the Surveyor-General
Geographical Names Unit
GPO Box 1354
Adelaide SA  5001

Current naming proposals

These naming proposals have followed the Geographical names guidelines and are available through:

  • the government gazette
  • notices in the local paper or The Advertiser (Surveyor-General determines the most appropriate).

When a proposal is successfully completed emergency services, council and Australia Post are notified.

For an alternative version of any document on this page contact the Geographical Names Unit.

Description Gazette Notice Submission DeadlineOutcome
Alter the locality boundary of a place;
Stirling North and Woolundunga
Port Augusta City Council
Copy of plan
Assign a name to a building;
Lot Fourteen
City of Adelaide
Copy of plan
Image of building 
Notice of Intent -
24 September 2020 (page 4720) (21.7 KB PDF)
22 Oct 2020 
Alter the locality boundary of a place;
Saltia and Woolundunga
District Council of Mount Remarkable
Copy of plan 
Approved by:
Gazettal - 23 July 2020 (page 4001) (180.2 KB PDF) 
Alter the locality boundary of a place and assign a name to a place;
Mulyungarie and Billeroo West
Out of Districts
Copy of Plan
Notice of Intent -
11 June 2020 (page 3368) (219.5 KB PDF)
9 July 2020 Completed
Approved by:
Gazettal - 23 July 2020 (page 4001) (175.2 KB PDF) 
Assign a name to a place/feature:
Naming of bridges;
Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith Bridge,
Alice Alitya Rigney Bridge,
Mary Mallama Williams-Cooper Bridge,
Warri Parri Bridge.
Darlington Upgrade Project
Copy of Plan
Notice of Intent -
27 February 2020 (page 463) (41.4 KB PDF)
27 March 2020 Completed
Approved by:
Hon Stephan Knoll MP
Gazettal - 18 June 2020 (page 3452)  (213.5 KB PDF)

Alter and assign a name to a place/feature:
Rename Tonsley Line to 'Flinders Line'
Rename Clovelly Park Railway Station to 'Tonsley Railway Station'
Assign name to proposed railway station at Flinders Medical Centre as "Flinders Railway Station'
Tonsley and Bedford Park
City of Marion, City of Mitcham
Copy of plan

Notice of Intent -
12 September 2017
(page 3976) (13.2 KB PDF)
10 October 2017  

Assign a name to a place/feature:
Naming of feature as 'Gawler River Bridge'
Angle Vale, Hillier, Buchfelde and Gawler River

City of Playford and Light Regional Council
Copy of plan

Notice of Intent -
22 December 2016
(page 5091) (41.9 KB PDF)
20 January 2017

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