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Planning system indicators

The resulting indicators are a measure of the number and timeliness of actions and decisions in areas such as development assessment, statutory referrals, appeals and compliance.

The program is administered by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, as required under regulation 115 of the Development Regulations 2008.

The data is supplied quarterly by councils and their development assessment panels, state government agencies involved in consultation and referrals, the State Commission Assessment Panel, private building certifiers and the Environment, Resources and Development (ERD) Court.

The purpose of the indicators is to identify where and how adjustments in policies, legislation and administration could lead to greater efficiencies in the planning system.

Summaries of the information collected from the planning system indicators program is available from within the 'Development assessment performance’ sections of the annual reports on the administration of the Development Act 1993.

Statutory timelines

The Development Regulations 2008 set out the statutory time requirements development assessment (19.6 KB PDF) for all development assessment decisions.

The timelines for development plan amendments are set out in the statement of intent for each development plan amendment signed by the council and the Minister. For more information see Development plans.

The planning system indicators program collects and analyses statistical data on statutory actions and decisions related to planning and development.

This page relates to existing planning system data collection and reporting under the Development Act 1993. Information regarding the proposed new planning system indicators and reporting can be found on the SA Planning Portal.

For an alternative version of this document see Planning contacts.

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