About the planning strategy for South Australia

The planning strategy outlines the state government's direction for land-use change and development in South Australia. Various volumes cover different geographic areas of the state:

The 30-year plan for Greater Adelaide

The planning directions in the strategy become policy at the council level when they are incorporated into the development plans for council areas.

The strategy is reviewed every five years and altered from time to time to align it with legislative and policy changes.

Structure plans

Structure plans provide the basis for the design and development of areas where the population is expected to grow, such as transit corridors, new growth areas and revitalised city and town centres. They guide the planning of services and infrastructure for transport, health, schools and community facilities, and identify land available for industrial, commercial and residential development.

Precinct plans

Precinct plans are comprehensive plans for the redevelopment of a specific area for:

  • the purposes of urban renewal
  • the provision of land for commercial, industrial or residential uses close to public transport
  • the establishment of new industries
  • other planning and development outcomes that support the planning strategy.

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