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In South Australia places and objects of state and local heritage are protected under the Heritage Places Act 1993 and the Development Act 1993.

The South Australian Heritage Register

State and local heritage places and objects are listed in the South Australian Heritage Register. Local heritage places and objects are also listed in the development plans for the areas where they are located.

Reports on listings are provided to local councils and are available for public inspection by contacting Heritage South Australia. They provide the following information:

  • register file number
  • name of the place, area or object
  • address
  • local government area.

Anyone can nominate a place or item for listing in the state register. Nominations are subject to a provisional registration while they are assessed by the SA Heritage Council. The council considers advice from the State Heritage Unit and feedback from public consultation, as well as any heritage surveys.

Local heritage listings are proposed by local governments.

Types of heritage listing

State heritage

A place, area or object may be considered to have state heritage value if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • demonstrates important aspects of the evolution or pattern of the state's history
  • has rare, uncommon or endangered qualities that are of cultural significance
  • may yield information that will contribute to an understanding of the state's history, including its natural history
  • is an outstanding representative of a particular class of places of cultural significance
  • demonstrates a high degree of creative, aesthetic or technical accomplishment or is an outstanding representative of particular construction techniques or design characteristics
  • has strong cultural or spiritual associations for the community or a group within it
  • has a special association with the life or work of a person or organisation or an event of historical importance.

State heritage places, areas and objects are established through the Heritage Places Act.

Local heritage

A place or object may be considered to have local heritage value if it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • displays historical, economic or social themes that are of importance to the local area
  • represents customs or ways of life that are characteristic of the local area
  • has played an important part in the lives of local residents
  • displays aesthetic merit, design characteristics or construction techniques of significance to the local area
  • is associated with a notable local personality or event
  • is a notable landmark in the area
  • is a tree of special historical or social significance or importance within the local area.

Local heritage places and objects are established through the Development Act.

Contributory items

Some development plans contain contributory items. They are listed in development plans as part of historic conservation areas, zones or policy areas, however, they are not defined by the Development Act. As such, since 2012, no new contributory items have been added to development plans.

Contributory items are legacies of earlier approaches to development plan policy. They were identified as examples of particular forms of development, representing a defined period and its built-form character.

Heritage and development

Heritage sites may be developed or altered under certain circumstances.

A development proposal for a state listed heritage place is referred to the Minister responsible for the Heritage Places Act for consideration and must be approved under the Development Act if it:

  • directly affects a state heritage place or area
  • affects the context of the place or area, including adjacent or nearby sites.

Local councils have their own requirements for development affecting local heritage places or contributory items. The requirements are identified in each council development plan.

For more information about development requirements, contact the relevant council or the Heritage South Australia.

Heritage places database

The heritage places database is an online search tool that gives you access to information about:

  • state heritage places, areas and objects from the South Australian Heritage Register
  • local heritage places from development plans
  • contributory items from development plans.

You can search the database to find out if your property has a heritage listing.

Heritage places map

Heritage places can be viewed in the Location SA Map Viewer.

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