Public roads are the responsibility of the local councils. They name and maintain all public roads, including:

  • roads
  • streets
  • laneways
  • walkways
  • right of way thoroughfares.

Local councils have guidelines (88.5 KB PDF) to help select suitable road names and types, and how they can be set or changed. For an alternative version of this document contact Land Services.

Roads outside council districts are under the care of the Highways Commissioner.

Private roads are where some title other than the council still exists. This may be a legacy of the way the road was originally created. Under the Local Government Act 1999 these roads can be declared public.

You can find out if a road is public or private by:

Road names are not recorded in the State Gazetteer. If you have a questions about roads opening and closing contact the Roads Unit for information.

Contact your local council if you are:

  • interested in changing the name of a public road
  • interested in purchasing or accessing part of a public road
  • trying to determine if a road is public or private
  • enquiring about changing a private road to a public road.

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