To make properties in outback areas easier to find, the government has renamed most outback roads.

This will:

  • assist emergency services - eg ambulance, and other service providers to find properties
  • improve the delivery of services - provide a certainty of location and a recognised address that can be understood nationally.

How names were chosen

Renaming roads followed these principles:

  • eliminated dual directional road names - eg Iron Knob - Puddle Holes Dam Road
  • the furthest homestead name was commonly used to rename the entire road from the main road where possible
  • when an outback road continues into a council area, the council's road name was used where practical - eg Yednalue Road.

Rural road maps showing proposed names  

Road signs

Existing signage to homesteads will remain. New signs for renamed roads will be installed when the existing sign is replaced as part of routine road maintenance.

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