Technical information on planning policies

Technical information sheets

A suite of technical information sheets have been prepared to accompany the South Australian Planning Policy Library.

This information is intended to help councils, planning professionals and consultants determine the most appropriate zone modules to use when updating development plans. They provide guidance on interpreting and improving planning policy in development plans in line with the South Australian Planning Strategy consistent with Section 23(3) of the Development Act 1993 .

Each sheet sets out:

  • the strategic context of the module
  • advice on the module's adoption into a development plan
  • the policy area modules that fit within the zone module
  • sample desired character statements
  • scope for local additions.

The sheets also include assessment notes on key topics to assist development assessment officers interpret selected development plan policies and terms.

Technical information is regularly reviewed and updated in order to better assist councils, planners, designers and developers in their respective roles in developing and applying the South Australian Planning Policy Library.

At September 2011 there are 13 information sheets:

  1. Guiding principles
  2. Policy application notes
  3. Assessment and design notes
  4. Vehicle and bicycle parking rates
  5. Interface between land uses (noise generating activities and air quality policies)
  6. Affordable housing - overlay 1
  7. Strategic transport routes - overlay 2
  8. Noise and air emissions - overlay 3
  9. metropolitan neighbourhood zone
  10. Urban corridor zone
  11. metropolitan activity node zone
  12. Urban core zone
  13. Urban employment zone

For an alternative version of these documents or for more information contact the Planning Policy Reform Team.

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