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South Australia's planning policies

Development plans contain policies that describe what kinds of development are appropriate in council areas and where they may occur.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has developed a set of planning policies that are common to many development plans in South Australia.

The South Australian Planning Policy Library

The state's current planning policies are contained in the South Australian Planning Policy Library. The library encourages best practice policy application and a consistent development plan format across the state. It also makes it easier and faster for councils to update their development plans and for government agencies to assess proposed amendments.

The South Australian Planning Policy Library builds on and replaces the Better Development Plans Library, which was introduced in 2007.

The Library is being updated to include new policies from Ministerial development plan amendments that are approved by the Minister for Planning.

Planning policy reform

The state government is reforming the Library to more directly align with the South Australian Planning Strategy, which includes The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide and plans for regional areas. The changes will lead to more direct links between strategic planning priorities and development plans and so provide greater certainty to councils, the community and industry about development assessment.

The first stage of the reform process involved development of five new policy modules to guide the growth of new neighbourhoods, infill around corridors and public transport stops, and the expansion of land for employment. The second stage involves a review and updating of the remainder of the policies.

For more information about the reform process see South Australia's planning policy overview (259.7 KB PDF) and Reform of South Australia's planning policies - stage one (261.4 KB PDF).

Guides and information resources

Technical information sheets

A series of technical information sheets are available to assist the interpretation and use of the planning policy library.

Planning policy guides

Guides related to planning policy include:

The guides are updated periodically to ensure consistency with the Library.

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