Online land division lodgement, referrals and decisions (EDALA) application

The electronic development application lodgement and assessment system (EDALA) provides online access for development application lodgement and information about land divisions for planning and development professionals, industry, councils and state government agencies.

Functions of EDALA

The EDALA system enables:

  • lodgement of development applications and payment of fees by surveyors and their agents
  • referral to and reporting by state agencies
  • council and State Commission Assessment Panel decisions
  • lodgement of final plans
  • final State Commission Assessment Panel certificates of approval
  • Lands Titles Office verification
  • application monitoring and progress reporting for the industry.

Access to EDALA

Lodgement using EDALA

To access the EDALA lodgement register, you need to apply for an organisation ID number, username and password. To apply, email or call 7109 7016 with your:

  • name
  • job title
  • company name
  • phone number
  • email address.

EDALA lodgement register

Searching the Development Application Public Register

The public register can be used to search and follow the progress of land division applications. The public register does not require a log-in or password.

Search the public register

Paying fees using EDALA

Fees for lodgement of land division development applications and open space contributions can be paid through the EDALA public register. For lodgement fees use 'Lodgement Fee Payment'. For open space contributions use 'Other Fee Payment'.

Pay fees using EDALA

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