Registered building work supervisors for roof framing

Where roof framing work is being undertaken, it is a requirement of regulation 74 (5) of the Development Regulations 2008 that a signed checklist be provided to the local council stating that the roof framing has been completed in accordance with the development approval.

A person who completes the checklist must:

This regulation came into effect on 1 July 2012 and applies to applications for building rules consent lodged from that date.

Evidence of suitability

A building work supervisor may need to provide the following evidence of their suitability to complete the supervisor's checklist for roof framing to the council:

  • a current building work supervisor's licence
  • a certificate or written confirmation from the training provider of their successful completion of the roof framing training

Further guidance is available in Advisory Notice 02/15 Building work supervisors for roof framing.

Training to inspect roof framing

Training for roof framing is provided by:

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