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Private certifiers

Private certifiers can perform the same duties as councils in relation to building rules assessment and limited planning consent. These include:

  • assessing proposed developments against the building rules
  • assessing proposed residential code developments
  • assigning classifications
  • granting building rules consents
  • imposing conditions under which the building work must be constructed
  • issuing essential safety provisions
  • issuing certificates of occupancy.

All private certifiers must be registered and follow a code of practice.

Conditions of registration

There may be conditions to a registration that limit the type of work a certifier is allowed to undertake. You should ask to see confirmation of their registration which shows any conditions that may apply.

Condition A

The certifier may not certify or grant consent on building work where there is a variance from the building rules.

Condition B

The certifier may only certify or grant consent for buildings that have a maximum of three storeys and a floor area of less than 2,000 square metres.

Condition C

The certifier may only undertake an assessment of residential code developments and the granting of development plan consents under Section 33(1)(a) of the Development Act 1993 in relation to those developments.

Condition D

The certifier may only issue building rules consents for building work associated with new or altered swimming pool safety barriers. Building rules consents for swimming pools can only be granted when a certificate from an appropriate independent technical expert has been obtained.

Condition E

The certifier may only certify or grant consent for buildings that have a maximum of three storeys and a floor area of less than 2,000 square metres and do not include any performance solutions under the Building Code of Australia and Minister's Specifications.

Condition F

The certifier may not issue Building Rules Consents for any swimming pools and any swimming pool safety features.

Register of private certifiers

List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers List of Private Certifiers

RegistrationNameCompanyContact NumberRegistration ConditionsInsurance Conditions
PC005Ian DoddKatnich Dodd8273 0888NoNo
PC011Rene ArensTonkin Consulting Pty Ltd0409 695 799NoNo
PC012Wayne MurphyMurphy Design8524 5510NoNo
PC013George ZillanteIndependent Private Certifier8337 5742NoNo
PC015John MazzaroloJMM Consultants0419 817 243NoNo
PC016Demetrius PoupoulasD.P. Poupoulas and Associates Pty Ltd0415 874 436NoNo
PC018Reparato GiordanoGiordano Certification8332 3777NoYes
PC019Peter HarmerKatnich Dodd8273 0888NoNo
PC020Alan TaylorKBS Consultants8274 1500NoNo
PC026Grant RichesProfessional Building Services 8374 2211NoNo
PC027Sozomenos NikiasNikias Certification8357 9216NoYes
PC028Rocco CiancioIndependent Private Certifier8390 1809NoNo
PC030Graham BrownEvans & Brown Building Consultants Pty Ltd8278 3486NoNo
PC032Duncan CookeProject Building Certifiers Pty Ltd8362 7800NoNo
PC034David NashTonkin Consulting Pty Ltd8110 2220NoYes
PC037Carlo ScintoCarlo Scinto and Associates Pty Ltd8362 6899NoNo
PC038Kym RowlandKsquared Building Surveying Consultants0417 844 901NoNo
PC042George CapetanakisGeorge Capetanakis Building Consultants8293 7346NoNo
PC043Neil KirkhamKBS Consultants8274 1500NoNo
PC044Andrew CialiniBuildSurv8223 4028NoNo
PC050Andrew RomaniukAndrew Romaniuk Pty Ltd8352 3273NoNo
PC051Lee TyersLee Tyers Building Surveyors(03) 6229 2440NoNo
PC052David VandborgDavid Vandborg Building Surveyor0428 141 404NoNo
PC053Peter MelineAdelaide Hills Development Services8391 3954NoNo
PC055Stan TsantisMcKenzie Group Consulting Pty Ltd(03) 9247 0400Yes (A)No
PC057Vittorio BaroneKatnich Dodd8273 0888NoNo
PC058Brett FennellBuildSurv8223 4028NoNo
PC061Troy OldsTecon Australia Pty Ltd8228 1688NoNo
PC063Bruce ShortDixGardner Group Pty Ltd(07) 5504 7984NoNo
PC064Lee KippaxBuilding Control Group(02) 8347 0211NoNo
PC067Barrie TitheradgeBuilding Surveying and Certification Professionals0431 319 955NoNo
PC068Olivier MichelMichel Group (Aust) Pty Ltd(03) 9786 6946NoNo
PC070Betty DoufliasBuilding Development Certifiers0427 980 036NoNo
PC071Antony RickardsPhilip Chun Pty Ltd0411 557 706NoYes
PC072Christopher WiltshireBlueprint Certifiers and Designers Pty Ltd0402 022 636NoNo
PC073Paul GiordanoGiordano Certification8332 3777NoYes
PC076Timothy AndersonAnderson Group Building Surveyors and Consultants(03) 5022 8196NoNo
PC079Antony GriffinHendry Group (Vic) Pty Ltd(03) 8417 6500NoNo
PC080Ilias SotiropoulosBuilding Certification Approvals (SA) Pty Ltd0416 733 293NoNo
PC082Michael MoranPhilip Chun & Associates Pty Ltd0419 641 867NoYes
PC084Adam DeLoozeCity Plan Services Pty Ltd0414 320 058NoNo
PC086Tomas JanuskeviciusHendry Group Pty Ltd(08) 7425 1000NoNo
PC087Brent WilliamsBrent Williams and Associates(03) 5023 5136NoNo
PC088James BoyceBoyce Built Environment Consulting(02) 6552 3608NoNo
PC089Peter DounasHendry Group Pty Ltd(08) 8941 9227NoNo
PC090Anthony (Terry) BushACB Consulting Pty Ltd7324 5617NoNo
PC091Narinder SinghSingh Consulting Pty Ltd(03) 9653 6490NoNo
PC097Bradley WillmottWillmott Building Certification Pty Ltd7231 1800NoNo
PC099Stephen MurrayAcrocert Pty Ltd(02) 4933 5626NoNo
PC100Simon SingletonSA Building Approvals and Consultants0417 822 250NoNo
PC103Luke TrentoTrento Fuller Building Certifiers and Consultants7071 7106NoNo
PC105Leon NewlandMackie Construction Consultants Pty Ltd0491 262 719NoNo
PC106Jeffrey ShillabeerSalisbury Development Services0419 801 709NoNo
PC108David MadeiraGroup Four Building Surveyors Pty Ltd0410 632 830NoNo
PC110Tony HeaslipBlackett Maguire & Goldsmith Pty Ltd(02) 9211 7777NoNo
PC111Andrew HarmanPhilip Chun & Associates Pty Ltd0407 110 962NoYes
PC112Peter DewickNational Certifiers0478 759 631NoNo
PC113Grant JohnsenFluid Approvals0421 512 566Yes (B)No
PC114Prabhakaran PonniahCertis Pty Ltd(07) 3144 4600No No
PC115Kirk PascoeTecon Australia Pty Ltd0430 053 550NoNo
PC116Peter HofstetterCertis Pty Ltd(07) 3144 4600NoNo
PC117Jayden WoodMcKenzie Group Consulting Pty Ltd(03) 9247 0400NoNo
PC118Jessica EdgePhilip Chun & Asssociates Pty Ltd0431 068 864 NoYes
PC119Stephen MaloneyAll Australian Building Permits Pty Ltd(03) 8676 0683NoNo
PC120Michael MadeiraGroup Four Building Surveyor(03) 9544 0544NoNo
PC122Peter ShawBSGM Consulting Building Surveyors(03) 9421 0421NoNo
PC123Richard ReadIndependent Private Certifier0411 249 788NoNo
PC124Edward KnightKnisco Development Solutions Pty Ltd0421 822 577NoNo
PC126Kym OverallOverall Building Approvals0421 053 118Yes (B)No
PC128Daryl SextonWoodlands Consultancy Services (Aust) Pty Ltd0419 990 531NoNo
PC129Peter XerriBuilding Rules Consent Private Certifiers Pty Ltd0422 406 348Yes (B)No
PC130Garry McCoyAussie Building Inspection Consultants0484 131 058NoNo
PC131Mathew Hopwood-GloverFrankston City Council0400 072 020Yes (B)No
PC132Nicola JacksonNewland Wood Certification Pty Ltd0448 882 921NoNo
PC133Blake ChristyCertOne Pty Ltd0466 339 330Yes (B)No
PC134Veluppillai NandacumaranNanjey Building Consultants Pty Ltd0412 548 150NoNo
PC135Rodney SmithTT Building Consultants Pty Ltd0423 832 217NoNo
PC136Robert MackBuild Cert SA0431 938 068No No
PC137Qian WangIndependent Private Certifier0420 663 980Yes (E) & (F)No
PC138Mark BasiliosFitout Permits Australia0431 763 570NoNo
PCP001David BaroneJensen PLUS8338 5511 Yes (C)No
PCP003Garth HeynenRes Code Certifiers SA Pty Ltd8272 0911Yes (C)Yes
PCP004Angela DavisonTown Planning HQ Pty Ltd8358 5346Yes (C)No
PCP005Simon GroseAdvantage Planning Services0400 024 550Yes (C)No
PCP006Nick SimosSA Urban and Regional Planning0411 096 597Yes (C)No
PCP007Michael OsbornFyfe Pty Ltd0408 808 143 Yes (C)No
PCP008Matthew FalconerUrban Planning and Design Pty Ltd0431 155 785Yes (C)No
PCP009David HutchisonAccess Planning (SA) Pty Ltd0418 832 334Yes (C)No
PCP011Matthew KingUrban and Regional Planning Solutions Pty Ltd8333 7999Yes (C)No
PCP013Simon ChannonUrban and Regional Planning Solutions Pty Ltd8333 7999Yes (C)No
PCP014Benjamin GreenBen Green and Associates0410 147 541Yes (C)No
PCP015Jordan LeveringtonMerit Planning and Building Design Pty Ltd0409 672 404Yes (C)No
PCP016Andrew CroninAcroPLAN [SA] Pty Ltd0416 839 459Yes (C)No
PCP017Thomas GregoryBen Green and Associates0410 506 877Yes (C)No
PCP018Bill StefanopoulosTown Planning Advisors0478 509 777Yes (C)No
PCP019Brendan FewsterBrendan Fewster Planning & Development0447 381 121Yes (C)Yes
PCP020Fabian BaroneFuture Urban Group0423 490 724Yes (C)No
PCP021Callum LittleCL Planning Pty Ltd0406 950 319Yes (C)Yes
PCP022Mark KwiatkowskiAdelaide Planning and Development Solutions0499 933 311Yes (C)No

For an alternative version contact Building Policy Services.

Building policy services

For enquiries about building codes and standards, registration of private certifiers and swimming pool and spa safety.

Phone: 1800 752 664 - option 2
Email: dpti.pdbuildingbranch@sa.gov.au

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