From 31 July 2020 development applications lodged in Rural councils and for development on land not within a council area must be lodged under the new planning legislation.
Visit the SA Planning Portal for more information.
Developments in Urban and suburban councils will continue to be assessed under current legislation.

Development that involves construction, or buildings and structures, may require an assessment against the building rules as part of development approval. Some examples of development include:

  • building a house
  • garage
  • commercial buildings such as offices, shops and schools
  • other buildings and structures such as swimming pools, retaining walls and fences.

Getting building rules consent

An application for building rules consent is assessed against the Building Rules.

The council building surveyor or a private certifier can undertake an assessment and issue the building rules consent. Plans and documentation must be prepared and submitted in accordance with Schedule 5 of the Development Regulations 2008.

Building rules consent is generally granted after a development plan consent has been obtained from the council.

Application fees

Fees are applicable for a building rules assessment. Council assessment fees are prescribed in Schedule 6 of the Development Regulations 2008. Private certifiers can charge their own fee for service.

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