From 31 July 2020 development applications lodged in Rural councils and for development on land not within a council area must be lodged under the new planning legislation.
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Minister's Specifications relate to specific building issues in South Australia. They are referenced in the Development Regulations 2008 or in the South Australian variations to the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

These current Minister's Specifications are in effect till 2021 for Urban and metropolitan council areas including larger regional towns and cities:

On 1 May 2019, the provisions of the following Minister's Specifications were amalgamated into BCA 2019:

  • SA Heating and cooling loads for elevated buildings with a lightweight framed flooring system and transportable buildings
  • SA H2.2 Construction of bulk grain storage facilities
  • SA H3.2 Concessions for farm buildings (2015 edition)

The provisions of the following previously published Minister's Specifications were amalgamated into previous BCA editions:

  • SA 76C Protection of buildings exposed to brush fences
  • SA F1.7 Waterproofing of wet areas - additional requirements

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