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Braemar bulk export infrastructure proposal

The proposal

The proposal by Braemar Infrastructure Pty Ltd is for the construction of a deep sea floating port near Wallaroo and associated multi-purpose infrastructure corridor to the Braemar Region via the Mid North Region. The corridor, primarily for ore slurry pipelines connecting mines to a port, would provide a low-cost, high-volume export option for iron ore and encourage the development of mines in Braemar Province, which is located 200–375 km to the north-east of Adelaide and extends across the SA/NSW border.

The components supporting the logistics chain of transporting mining products from various prospective mines to the port comprise:

  • An infrastructure corridor approximately 385 km in length and up to 150 metres wide from the SA/NSW border (south-west of Broken Hill) to the proposed port site near Wallaroo via the towns of Burra and Snowtown.
    The corridor would accommodate up to four slurry pipelines, up to four raw water/slurry return water pipelines, pump stations, storage tanks, electricity transmission lines, electricity sub-stations, optic fibre telecommunications and access roads.
  • A floating port/wharf facility approximately 4 km off the coast at Myponnie Point, about 10 km north of Wallaroo, consisting of fixed moorings in Spencer Gulf to secure up to four floating processing, storage and offloading (FPSO) facilities.
    The FPSOs comprise converted capesize or similar ships to filter/dewater slurry delivered through slurry pipelines and to stockpile ore. Ore would then be loaded onto cargo ships, likely to be capesize, from the FPSO. Water removed from the slurry would be returned to Braemar mines/processing plants by return water pipelines. A small desalination plant would be required for washing slurry filters and on-board domestic use.
  • A 275 kV transmission line from the existing electricity network near Burra to the Braemar Region.
  • A road from the Goyder Highway near Burra to the Braemar Region.
  • An infrastructure operations base near Burra and a marine supply base either at Wallaroo or Kadina.

Assessment stages and documentation

Stage of assessment process Date Documentation
Declaration as major development 24 September 2013 See notice in Government Gazette (339.3 KB PDF) 2013 - No. 59
Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined   
Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment   
Assessment report by Minister   

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