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Sheep Hill deep water port facility (Stage 1) on Eyre Peninsula

The proposal

The development proposal for a deep water port facility at Sheep Hill (stage 1) on the Eyre Peninsula, 70 kilometres north-east of Port Lincoln.

It comprises:

  • wharf/ jetty structures and ship loading systems
  • storage buildings and facilities (for ore and grain)
  • road transport access corridor (along Swaffers Road).

Assessment stages and documentation

Stage of assessment process



Declaration as major development

6 January 2011

See notice in the Government Gazette

Release of guidelines by Development Assessment Commission with level of assessment determined

1 June 2011 Guidelines for the preparation of a public environmental report - (871.2 KB PDF)

Release of assessment document by proponent for public comment

9 March 2012

Executive Summary - (742.9 KB PDF)
Volume 1 - Public Environmental Report - (15.2 MB PDF)
Volume 2 - Appendix A-D - (828.4 KB PDF)
Appendix A - Port Spencer Stage 01 - (18.2 MB MP4)
Appendix A - Port Spencer Stage 02 NO RAIL - (18.2 MB MP4)
Appendix B - Community Consultation Material - (3.0 MB PDF)
Appendix C - Air Quality Impact Assessment Report - (3.4 MB PDF)
Appendix D - Geo Invest and Soil Report - (8.1 MB PDF)
Volume 3 - Appendix E-H (825.9 KB PDF)
Appendix E - Enviro Site Assessment - (14.5 MB PDF)
Appendix F - Surface Water Report - (13.6 MB PDF)
Appendix G - Environmental Noise Assessment Report - (1.1 MB PDF)
Appendix H - Traffic Impact Assessment Report - (2.1 MB PDF)
Volume 4 - Appendix I-K (826.1 KB PDF)
Appendix J - Lipson Island Terrestrial and Marine Ecology Report (3.6 MB PDF)
Appendix K - Port Spencer Marine Ecology Report (7.3 MB PDF)
Volume 5 - Appendix L to O (825.6 KB PDF)
Appendix L - Sediment Transport Modelling Report (1.1 MB PDF)
Appendix M - Cultural Heritage Report (7.3 MB PDF)
Appendix N - Socio-Economic Baseline Report (5.9 MB PDF)
Appendix O - Greenhouse Gas Calculations (138.5 KB PDF)

For an alternative version of a document on this page see Planning contacts - Major developments.

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