Major developments

Historical listing of proposals previously assessed

The following alphabetical listing provides information about the major developments that have been assessed under the major development assessment process since 2003.





AAMI Stadium lights

Upgrade lighting at AAMI Stadium

Decision (Government Gazette - 11 Dec 2008, p5446-5448)

SA National Football League

Adelphi Terrace, Glenelg

Integrated Hotel Development

Decision (Government Gazette - 23 Jun 2016, p2503-2508)

Q Developments

American River, Kangaroo Island - tourist resortTourist resort and associated infrastructureDecision (Government Gazette - 27 January 2017, p194)City and Central Consulting Pty Ltd

Beringer Blass wine bottling and storage facility

Establishment of a wine bottling facility

Decision (Government Gazette - 15 Jan 2009, p274-277)

Beringer Blass Wine Estates Limited

Bradken Foundry

Expansion of foundry at Kilburn

Decision (Government Gazette - 30 Oct 2008, p2958-4960)

Decision (Government Gazette - 5 Feb 2009, p506-508)

Decision (Government Gazette - 5 Mar 2009, p917-919)

Decision (Government Gazette - 29 Oct 2009, p4939-4941)

Bradken Resources Pty Ltd

Buckland Park rural land division

440 rural living allotments


Vosporos Pty Ltd

Buckland Park township


Decision (Government Gazette - 4 Feb 2010, p408-412)

Decision (Government Gazette - 21 Oct 2010, p5116-5121)

Decision (Government Gazette - 10 Mar 2011, p626-631)

Decision (Government Gazette - 15 Sep 2011, p4006-4012)

Decision (Government Gazette - 22 Dec 2011, p5100-5105)

Decision (Government Gazette - 24 Jan 2013, p98-103)

Decision (Government Gazette - 17 Oct 2017, p4290-4300)

Walker Corporation

Cape Hardy Iron Road deep-sea portDeep sea water port and associated infrastructure including a 150 kilometre infrastructure corridor and a village to accommodate long-term operational workforce.Decision (Government Gazette - 3 May 2017 p1146-1152)Iron Road Ltd

Cape Jaffa anchorage

Commercial and recreational marina, waterfront land division and tourist accommodation

Under construction

Decision (Government Gazette - 12 Jan 2006, p23)

Cape Jaffa Environmental impact statement response to submissions - (10.0 MB PDF) released Sep 2005

Cape Jaffa Assessment report environmental impact statement - (4.6 MB PDF)

Decision (Government Gazette - 11 May 2006, p1277)

Decision (Government Gazette - 17 Aug 2006, p2798)

Decision (Government Gazette - 7 Sep 2006, p3132)

Decision (Government Gazette - 18 Oct 2007, p3936-3943)

Decision (Government Gazette - 8 Nov 2007, p4169-4175)

Decision (Government Gazette - 29 Nov, p4344-4351)

Decision (Government Gazette - 14 Feb, p440-457)

Decision (Government Gazette - 25 Sep, p4538-4545)

Decision (Government Gazette - 4 Dec 2008, p5297-5305)

Decision (Government Gazette - 16 Oct 2009, p4833-4840)

Decision (Government Gazette - 17 Dec 2009, p6308-6316)

Decision - Variation (Government Gazette - (289.1 KB PDF) - 8 January 2015, p227-235)

Kingston District Council / Cape Jaffa Development Company

Ceduna Keys Marina and Community Centre proposal

Multi component marina with waterfront residential housing, community centre and facilities for tourists and commercial fishing/aquaculture industry

Ceduna keys marina environmental impact statement assessment report - (1.3 MB PDF) (Dec 2005)

Decision for conditional approval (Government Gazette, 15 Dec 2005, p4272-4277)

Decision (Government Gazette - 13 Dec 2007, p4775-4781)

Decision (Government Gazette - 22 Oct 2009, p4887-4893)

Amended environmental impact statement issued for comment, 9-31 Jan 2008

Ceduna Keys Marina and Community Centre - (11.9 MB PDF)

Ceduna Marina Development Company

Desalination Plant at Port Stanvac

Desalination Plant


Decision (Government Gazette - 26 Feb 2009, p714-719)

Decision (Government Gazette - 12 Mar 2009, p978-982)

Decision (Government Gazette - 11 Jun 2009, p2706-2710)

SA Water Company

Hanson Bay, Kangaroo Island

The Southern Ocean Lodge proposal is for a premium nature-based tourism development including 25 accommodation suites and associated facilities that include the main lodge, spa retreat and staff village


Decision (Government Gazette - 19 Oct 2006, p3725-3727)

Decision (Government Gazette - 14 Dec 2006, p4314)

Decision (Government Gazette - 1 Mar 2007, p597-601)

Decision (Government Gazette - 5 Apr 2007, p1088-1093)

Decision (Government Gazette - 28 Jun 2007, p2737-2743)

Decision (Government Gazette - 19 Jul 2007, p3082-3089)

Decision (Government Gazette - 9 Aug 2007, p3273-3279)

Decision (Government Gazette - 30 Aug 2007, p3460-3466)

Decision (Government Gazette - 20 Mar 2008, p1034-1041)

Decision (Government Gazette - 16 Oct 2009, p4833-4840)

Baillie Lodges (James & Hayley Baillie)

Hindmarsh Square Apartment Complex

20 storey apartment complex with retail and offices component


Decision (Government Gazette - 13 Jul 2006, p2222)

Decision (Government Gazette - 24 May 2007, p2129-2133)

Decision (Government Gazette - 7 Jun 2007, p2239-2244)

Decision (Government Gazette - 18 Oct 2007, p3932-3936)

Decision (Government Gazette - 25 Oct 2007, p4025-4031)

Decision (Government Gazette - 27 Mar 2008 p2418-2423)

Decision (Government Gazette - 26 Jun 2008, p2418-2423)

Decision (Government Gazette - 11 Dec 2008, p5448-5453)

Decision (Government Gazette - 5 Mar 2009, p919-924)

Revocation of declaration (Government Gazette, 13 May 2010, p1806

Grenfell East Pty Ltd

Holdfast Shores - Stage 2A

Hotel and entertainment precinct

-Stage 2A comprises the Pier Hotel and associated infrastructure including car parking and a pedestrian footbridge linking to Stage 1


Decision (Government Gazette - 1 Mar 2007, p593-596)

Holdfast Shores Consortium

Holdfast Shores - Stage 2B Entertainment Precinct

Entertainment precinct and apartment complex, demolition of MagicMountain


Revocation of Declarations – Stage 1 and Stage 2 (Government Gazette, 22 Mar 2007, p842)

Holdfast Shores Consortium

Honeymoon Uranium Deposit (Section 75 of the Development Act)

Proposal to develop the Honeymoon and associated uranium deposits on Kalkaroo Station, north-west of Broken Hill


Southern Cross Resources Pty Ltd

IWS Northern Balefill (Dublin landfill)

Proposal to develop an above ground balefill 50km north of Adelaide, total capacity 20,000,000 cubic metres


Decision (Government Gazette - 20 Apr 2006, p1101)

Decision (Government Gazette, 29 Aug 2008, p3808-3813)

Integrated Waste Services Pty Ltd

Kangaroo Island Golf Course Resort

Proposal for the development of an international standard, links-style golf course resort on Kangaroo IslandApproved

Decision (Government Gazette - 30 May 2017 - p1955-2004)

Decision (Government Gazette - 18 Feb 2016 p535-537)
Programmed Turnpoint Pty Ltd

Leigh Creek Haul Road

A proposal to construct a 20km haul road between the proposed magnesite mine and Telford, near Leigh Creek where the ore will be loaded onto rail wagons


Magnesium International (formerly SAMAG Ltd)

Mannum Marina

Multi-use recreational/commercial marina

Under construction

Decision (Government Gazette - 30 Oct 2008, p4949-4953)

Decision (Government Gazette - 1 Apr 2010, p1171-1174)

Tallwood Pty Ltd

Mildara Blass Winery proposal (Development report)

Proposal to establish a new winery on the Sturt Highway, two kilometres northeast of Nuriootpa; to be developed over 10 stages, year 10 having a total annual crush of 75,000 tonnes


Mildara Blass Pty Ltd

Myponga / Sellicks Hill Wind Farm

Establishment of 20 wind turbines at Mypoga / Sellicks Hill to be connected to the national electricity grid


Decision – Variation (Government Gazette, 6 Jul 2006, p2179-2181)

Decision – Variation (Government Gazette, 23 Jul 2009, p3244-3245)

Decision – Cancellation of Development Authorisation (Government Gazette, 20 Jan 2011 p.236)

TrustPower Ltd

Nan Hai Pu Temple (Sellicks Beach)Proposal for the construction of a Buddhist temple and accommodation comprising of shrines, a pagoda, ancillary accommodation for religious order, retirement accommodation, a feature statue, memorial gardens, Chinese gardens and associated car parking

Under construction

Decision (Government Gazette, 21 Feb 2013 p444-447

Decision (Government Gazette, 20 Feb 2014, p1094)

Nan Hai Pu Tuo Temple of Australia Inc.

NAWMA Balefill proposal (Smithfield Quarry) (Amendment to environmental impact statement)

Proposal to fill a quarry void as a balefill. Total capacity 2 million m3


Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority

Nora Creina Golf Course and Tourism ResortThe proposal is for the development of an international standard, links-style golf course and mixed tourism resort near Nora Creina (approximately 15 kilometres south of Robe) in the South East region, by South East Abalone Pty LtdDecision (Government Gazette - 28 Nov 2017, p4722-4727)South East Abalone Pty Ltd

Northward Fill (Inkerman Landfill) (Second amendment to environmental impact statement)

Proposal to develop an above ground landfill at Inkerman, approximately eighty kilometres north of Adelaide


Decision (Government Gazette - 20 Sep 2007, p3727-3729)

Decision (Government Gazette - 5 Jun 2008, p1827-1829)

Decision (Government Gazette - 20 Aug 2009, p3676-3678)

Decision (Government Gazette - 4 Mar 2010, p930-932)

Pathline Australia Pty Ltd

Olympic Dam Expansion

Proposal to expand the Olympic Dam Operations near Roxby Downs SA from 150,000 tpa to 350,000 tpa of copper and associated products


Decision - Expansion project subject to 157 conditions (Government Gazette - 10 Oct 2011, p4189-4216)

Decision variation (Government Gazette - 24 Oct 2013, p4049-4077)

Western Mining Corporation (Olympic Dam Corporation Pty Ltd)

Organic Waste Treatment and Recycling Research Facility

Operation of organic waste collection, treatment and recycling centre, McEvoy Road, Buckland Park.


Decision (Government Gazette - 12 Oct 2006, p3677)

Jeffries Garden Soils

Plympton Mixed Use DevelopmentProposal to construct a mixed-use residential and commercial retail complex, for what is currently the Highway Hotel site, corner of Anzac Highway and Marion Road, Plympton

Decision (Government Gazette - 23 Dec 2013, p5262-5268)

Palmer Group
Port Pirie Smelter TransformationProposal to upgrade the existing Nyrstar smelter at Port Pirie (Mid North), primarily to reduce lead emission levelsDecision (Government Gazette - 23 December 2013, p5268-5270Nyrstar Port Pirie Pty Ltd
Port Spencer Deep Water Port Facility (Stage 1) on Eyre Peninsula

Proposal for stage one comprises construction of wharf/jetty structures and ship loading systems; storage buildings and facilities (for ore and grain); and, a road transport access corridor along Swaffers Road. The proposed development is for a location named by the proponent as 'Sheep Hill', 70 kilometres north-east of Port Lincoln on Eyre Peninsula (on the coast between Port Neil and Tumby Bay)

Decision (Government Gazette - 20 Dec 2012, p5629-5632)

Decision Variation for extension of time(Gazette - 18 Dec 2014, p6779-6782)

Centrex Metals Ltd
Retirement villages and residential aged care facilitiesProposals for various retirement villages and residential aged care facilities over $20 million.Revoked 13 November 2017Various

SAMAG Magnesium proposal

A proposal to develop a magnesium metal production facility in Port Pirie using source magnesite feedstock from a deposit 20km north-west of Leigh Creek

Project abandoned

Revocation of declarations – (Government Gazette, 17 Jan 2008, p244)

Magnesium International (formerly SAMAG Ltd)

Tumby Bay Marina proposal (Amendment to environmental impact statement)

The original proposal to construct a marina at TumbyBay has been altered. The changes involve the construction of a 100 berth marina (originally 40 berth) centrally located in the basin, a modified design layout incorporating a wide marina basin with waterfront residential allotments (originally a canal and island design), and a smaller number of larger sized allotments


District Council of TumbyBay

Wakefield Waters at Port WakefieldA proposal comprising 2700 homes for up to 7000 people, a 200 berth marina, a commercial precinct with a function centre, retail outlets, medical centre, tavern, tourist accommodation and commercial boating facilities, a bridge over Highway 1, a wastewater system, an interpretative centre and boardwalk with re-establishment or replacement of plants.RefusedGulf Harbour Pty Ltd

Wallaroo Marina Proposal (Amendment to environmental impact statement)

The proposal comprises a public and commercial marina, residential housing and commercial development sites centred around the boating and fishing industry


Crystalcorp Pty Ltd

88 O'Connell Street

(former LeCornu site at North Adelaide)

Major mixed-use development

Decision (Government Gazette - 18 Sep 2008, p 4433-4436)

Decision (Government Gazette - 7 Jan 2010, p 2-4)

Makris Group

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