Amendments to development plans

Principles for activity centres and activity centre uses

Two new Development Plan Amendments (DPAs) will consider requirements affecting retail development within Development Plans across greater Adelaide (excluding the City of Adelaide).

The Minister for Planning has initiated investigations for the drafting of the two DPAs in accordance with sections 24 and 26 of the Development Act 1993, namely:

  • Existing Activity Centre Policy Review DPA
  • Activity Centres and Shopping Growth DPA.

Existing Activity Centre Policy Review DPA

The Existing Activity Centres Policy Review DPA 2.3 MB was approved by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 21 April 2016.

This DPA proposed changes to the planning policies used in the assessment of development proposals in ‘activity centres’ such as commercial and retail centres, shopping strips, business precincts, high streets and town centres and some selected mixed use zones that display centre zone characteristics.

The intent of the DPA is to:

  • support greater business opportunities, flexibility, competition and certainty
  • ensure that activity centres/mixed use zones are places that welcome business and retail activity by removing unnecessary controls
  • provide a more consistent approach to processing development applications in centre type zones across multiple jurisdictions, as well as removing the opportunity for competitor appeals
  • support more on-merit assessments and consistent processes by ensuring procedural requirements and desired uses are appropriately aligned.

An information sheet provides details about the proposed amendment and the amendment process 169.7 KB.

The DPA affects suburban and regional areas of Greater Adelaide and all 25 development plans in the region, excluding the City of Adelaide.

The Activity Centres and Shopping Growth DPA

This DPA will consider the commercial uses, particularly shops, in a wider range of circumstances outside of designated activity centres and mixed use areas that are covered by the Existing Centre Policy Review DPA.

The DPA will consider the needs associated with different retail formats and industry needs. It will ensure there is capacity for services and facilities to expand, and new ones to be provided within Adelaide's established built-up areas as envisaged in 'The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide'.

Preliminary draft principles

In preparing the DPAs, the planning department has prepared this Preliminary Draft - Principles for activity centres and activity centre uses - (225.5 KB PDF) document to inform the directions for activity centres and shopping development. The principles will be used to consider strategic aspirations for creating liveable neighbourhoods and vibrant community hubs, in conjunction with the primary objective of enhancing economic development opportunities.

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