Minister-initiated amendments to development plans

The Minister for Planning can initiate an amendment under the following circumstances:

  • the land is not within a council area
  • a council has requested the minister to initiate an amendment
  • the amendment affects two or more development plans
  • a council has taken too long to prepare an amendment
  • the minister considers the amendment necessary due to significant social, environmental or economic issues
  • the amendment involves matters related to the State Heritage, River Murray, Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary or Natural Resource Management acts
  • the amendment is needed to reflect changes in the South Australian Planning Strategy or an approved major development or project.

The state planning agency undertakes the investigations for minister-initiated amendments, and consultation with the public is conducted by the State Planning Commission.

Information about development plan amendments in general can be found on Consultation on amendments to development plans.

Interim operation

In some cases a minister-initiated amendment can be brought into immediate effect on a temporary, or interim, basis while the community is consulted. This measure is used when the Minister considers it necessary to ensure orderly and proper development in the area affected by the amendment.

Interim operation begins at the start of public consultation and can be in place for up to 12 months. During this time, all the policies proposed by the amendment are in effect. However, changes to the amendment can be made as a result of the consultation.

On consultation

There are currently no amendments on consultation.

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