Development plan amendment advice and preparation

Development plan amendments

The Technical Guide to Development Plan Amendments assists policy planning practitioners to:

  • prepare development plan amendment documents
  • conduct a development plan amendment process
  • submit development plan amendment documentation at key stages for approval.

The online guide provides step-by-step technical assistance and includes access to a range of templates and example documents.

Regulation 86 recognition

A planning authority (a council or the Minister for Planning) must seek the advice of a person with prescribed qualifications, or a person approved by the Minister, for various matters when preparing a development plan amendment. This is required under sections 25(4) and 26(3) of the Development Act 1993.

A person satisfies the requirements of Regulation 86 if they can demonstrate that they are either:

Current Minister's Regulation 86 list

Current list of those granted Minister's Regulation 86 recognition:

  • Daniel Clapp
  • Kathryn Clausen
  • Steven Copus
  • Brendan Fewster
  • Mike Flehr
  • Des Fowles
  • Rosa Gagetti
  • Malcolm Govett
  • Jim Gronthos
  • Anita Harmer
  • Jodie Isle
  • Mabel John
  • Sally Jenkin
  • Robert Kleeman
  • David Lake
  • Susan Lewis
  • Pat Mitchell
  • Matthew Paetz
  • Connie Parisi
  • Stewart Payne
  • Ruan Perera
  • Alan Richardson
  • Denise Rigoni
  • Jeffery Sewart
  • DeAnne Smith
  • Jeff Smith
  • Trevor Smith
  • Darren Starr
  • David Storey
  • John Tagliaferri
  • Andrea Thompson
  • Julie Vanco
  • Michael Walmelsey
  • Eleanor Walters
  • Kylie Weymouth
  • Kym Wundersitz

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