Amendments to development plans

Development plan amendment advice and preparation

Development plan amendments

The Technical Guide to Development Plan Amendments assists policy planning practitioners to:

  • prepare development plan amendment documents
  • conduct a development plan amendment process
  • submit development plan amendment documentation at key stages for approval.

The online guide provides step-by-step technical assistance and includes access to a range of templates and example documents.

Regulation 86 recognition

A planning authority (a council or the Minister for Planning) must seek the advice of a person with prescribed qualifications, or a person approved by the Minister, for various matters when preparing a development plan amendment. This is required under sections 25(4) and 26(3) of the Development Act 1993.

A person satisfies the requirements of Regulation 86 if they can demonstrate that they are either:

How to apply

To apply for Ministerial recognition, submit an application - (151.9 KB PDF) to the Minister for Planning through the Development Policy Advisory Committee. The committee will assess the application and advise the Minister whether recognition should be granted.

The applicant needs to provide evidence of:

  • a degree or other appropriate qualification in a discipline closely related to planning
  • significant experience in strategic planning and acting as a professional adviser to a relevant authority
  • experience in reporting on development applications and the preparation of amendments to the development plan.

A fee of $140 is payable with lodgement of the application.

Continuing professional development

Regulation 86 recognition must be maintained every two years by submitting evidence of continuous professional development.

Professional development can include attendance at:

  • seminars
  • presentations
  • workshops
  • training sessions.

A minimum of 25 points must be completed and can be recorded by submitting the Regulation 86 Continuous Professional Development - (79.2 KB PDF) to the Development Policy Advisory Committee. See Minister's Regulation 86 list for contact details.

Current Minister's Regulation 86 list

Current list of those granted Minister's Regulation 86 recognition:

  • Daniel Clapp
  • Kathryn Clausen
  • Steven Copus
  • Brendan Fewster
  • Mike Flehr
  • Des Fowles
  • Rosa Gagetti
  • Malcolm Govett
  • Jim Gronthos
  • Anita Harmer
  • Jodie Isle
  • Mabel John
  • Sally Jenkin
  • Robert Kleeman
  • David Lake
  • Susan Lewis
  • Pat Mitchell
  • Matthew Paetz
  • Connie Parisi
  • Stewart Payne
  • Ruan Perera
  • Alan Richardson
  • Denise Rigoni
  • Jeffery Sewart
  • DeAnne Smith
  • Jeff Smith
  • Trevor Smith
  • Darren Starr
  • David Storey
  • John Tagliaferri
  • Andrea Thompson
  • Julie Vanco
  • Michael Walmelsey
  • Eleanor Walters
  • Kylie Weymouth
  • Kym Wundersitz

Contact details

Applications, enquiries and evidence of continuous professional development should be submitted to:

Development Policy Advisory Committee (Regulation 86)
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
Level 7 136 North Terrace
Adelaide SA 5000

GPO Box 1815,
Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: 7109 7009
Fax: 8303 0627

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