Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale protection districts amendment

Current status

The Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Protection Districts development plan amendment (DPA) that was introduced in September 2011 was replaced by the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale Revised Protection Districts DPA on 29 March 2012. 

The DPA was revised in response to submissions received during consultation with the community, councils and other stakeholders from October to December 2011. The revisions addressed concerns about overly restrictive limitations on development in the districts and reflected recent changes to related legislation to protect the character of the districts. 

Purpose of the amendment

The purpose of the 2011 DPA was to reinforce the importance of two unique areas of South Australia – the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale districts.

The State Government released a package of information in mid 2011 seeking community and stakeholder input into a proposal to establish legislative protection for the districts.

The conclusions of that process were put in draft legislation for consideration by the Parliament of South Australia.

The DPA supported the intentions of the draft legislation by introducing restrictions on the types of development expected in rural and non-rural areas within the districts, and promoting the retention of heritage values. 

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