Payneham and Stepney strategic sites amendment

Current status

The Payneham and Stepney Strategic Sites Development Plan Amendment (DPA) (7.4 MB PDF) was on public consultation from Thursday 10 September 2020 to Thursday 12 November 2020.

Purpose of the amendment

The Minister for Planning and Local Government is proposing to rezone two sites at Payneham and Stepney to allow for residential and mixed use developments.

Both sites are currently zoned light industry which seeks the development of industrial and commercial activities. However, given that both sites are isolated land holdings surrounded by residential development they are no longer attractive for future industrial developments. It now appropriate to consider alternative zoning that seeks to minimise the impacts on the surrounding dwellings but also seek to promote economic outcomes that provide for housing diversity and choice alongside service and public transport networks.

Site 1 (Payneham)

This area consists of the former Schweppes factory at 382 Payneham Road, Payneham (now demolished) as well as the adjacent properties within the land bounded by Payneham Road, Thelma Street, Lewis Road and Ashbrook Avenue.

The site is no longer considered an optimum location for industrial development given the proximity of residential development.

The DPA proposes to rezone the land to Urban Corridor Zone – Business Policy Area which provides for a range of commercial / retail activities at the ground floor and medium density residential development above (to a maximum of five storeys).

Site 2 (Stepney)

The Otto’s Timber and Joinery business is proposing to relocate to a site more suited to its operational requirements, providing a valuable opportunity to rezone the land to better reflect its context. The affected area includes five adjacent residential dwellings that are currently zoned Light Industry or District Commercial Zone, as well as one site owned by Otto’s in the Local Centre (St Peters) Zone.

The DPA process is proposing to rezone the land owned by Otto’s and the residential property fronting Bennett Street to Urban Corridor Zone – Transit Living Policy Area which enables medium density residential development (up to three storeys) together with small scale non-residential activities at the ground floor level. Affected residential properties fronting Ann Street are proposed to be included in the adjoining Residential Historic (Conservation) Zone – Stepney Policy Area.

These rezonings will implement key targets of The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide by providing opportunity for increased housing diversity in proximity to community infrastructure and services.

The community information sheet (1.3 MB PDF) includes a map of the area affected and also provides details about the proposed amendment and the amendment process.

The DPA affects land within the Norwood Payneham and St Peters (City) Development Plan.

Viewing the amendment

There are three ways to view the proposed amendment:

  1. Download the Payneham and Stepney Strategic Sites Development Plan Amendment (7.4 MB PDF) document
  2. View a copy at:
    • City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters
      175 The Parade, Norwood
      Monday to Friday, 8.30 am to 5.00 pm
      (8366 4555)
    • Attorney-General’s Department
      Level 5, 50 Flinders Street Square, Adelaide
      Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
      (7109 7004)
  3. Ask the Attorney-General’s Department (Planning & Land Use Services Division) to post the document to you.

Have your say

Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is managed by the South Australian State Planning Commission, an independent statutory body which provides advice to the Minister on planning and development issues.

As part of the consultation process, you may:

  • attend a public information (drop-in) session
  • comment on the DPA by making a written submission to the Commission
  • speak at a public hearing if you wish to be heard by the Commission or raise any matter not previously raised in your written submission.

Public information sessions

There were two information sessions held:

  • Saturday 26 September 2020, 11.45 am to 1.15 pm, at Payneham Library Complex
  • Tuesday 29 September 2020, 4.45 pm to 6.15 pm at Payneham Community Centre.

Making a submission

Submissions have now closed.

All submissions received from the public are public documents and will be made available for viewing as soon as possible after the closing date until after the conclusion of the public meeting. These submissions will be viewable:

  • on this page
  • at the offices of the Attorney-General’s Department, Level 5, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide, during office hours.

Submissions received

The following submissions were received:

Public hearing

The public hearing is an opportunity for those who provided submissions during the consultation of the DPA to speak further to their comments.

The State Planning Commission (the Commission) has resolved to reschedule the hearing as follows:

  • Tuesday 1 December 2020, 7.30 pm

Due to COVID restrictions, this hearing will be held ‘remotely’ – ie via on-line video link or conference call, and not with a physical presence, as follows:

*        Microsoft TEAMS (details to be provided following registration for the event)
*        Conference call (details to be provided following registration for the event).

Please email to register your attendance and nominate how you wish to participate (ie by video or phone).  

The Commission, an independent body that reports to the Minister for Planning and Local Government, will host this hearing, review the written and verbal submissions received, together with the DPA itself, and provide recommendations to the Minister on the next steps for the DPA. The Minister will then consider the advice of the Commission, together with the submissions and the DPA, and determine whether to approve, amend or refuse the DPA.

It is a statutory requirement of the Development Act 1993 that a public hearing is held to provide submitters with the opportunity to speak to the Commission further to their written submission. The Commission considers it is important for the hearing to go ahead at this time whilst the details and concerns are present in the community’s mind, albeit in an amended COVID-safe format.

The Commission asks that you have patience with this process and respect the opinions of all who put forward their views in these difficult times. They also ask that you have respect for the work of the Department staff who are working hard to make this an equitable and safe event.

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