Greater Edinburgh Parks Employment Lands amendment

Current status

The amendment comprises two parts:

  • Part 1 - associated with the areas currently zoned industry/commercial in the Greater Edinburgh Parks area within the cities of Playford and Salisbury
  • Part 2 - associated with the balance of the new employment areas in Greater Edinburgh Parks, where infrastructure agreements are yet to be finalised.

The Greater Edinburgh Parks Employment Lands (Part 1) amendment - (26.7 MB PDF) was approved by the Minister for Planning on Thursday 19 December 2013.

The yet-to-be-approved Greater Edinburgh Parks Employment Lands (Part 2) amendment proposes to review land use and zoning policy covering a small component of new employment lands (approximately 108 hectares in area) adjacent the Specialised Container Transport (SCT) Intermodal facility, Heaslip Road, Mill Road, Jarmyn Road and Huxtable Road at Waterloo Corner. The proposed changes are to assist in encouraging a high quality enterprise precinct that accommodates a range of industrial, distribution, research, technology and related uses.

Purpose of the amendment

The Playford Growth Area Structure Plan proposes zoning changes to accommodate future population and employment growth in the cities of Playford and Salisbury. This re-zoning will be implemented through two development plan amendments (DPAs):

The DPAs and the structure plan allow for an additional 100,000 people and 38,000 houses over the next 30 years. They indicate where new housing, commercial, industrial and community land uses will be located, and what infrastructure and services are needed to support them.

The DPAs and the structure plan were on public consultation during the same period from Tuesday 28 May 2013 to Friday 2 August 2013.

Area affected by the amendment

The community information sheet - (945.8 KB PDF) provides details about the growth areas covered by the amendment and their relationship to the structure plan. In summary the DPA:

  • proposes new employment lands at Waterloo Corner and Penfield
  • consolidates existing employment lands at Direk, Edinburgh Parks and Edinburgh North under the same zone.

The development plans affected are:

Consultation process

Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is conducted by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), an independent statutory committee which provides advice to the Minister for Planning.

Public consultation on the amendment closed on 2 August 2013. A public meeting was held on 4 September 2013.

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