Southern Innovation Area

Current status

The Southern Innovation Area DPA has been split into two parts:

  • Part 1 - associated with the Tonsley precinct, Laffer’s Triangle, Warriparinga Wetlands and land owned by the Indigenous Land Corporation fronting Marion Road
  • Part 2 - associated with land west and south of the Tonsley precinct in Mitchell Park and Tonsley.

The Southern Innovation Area (Part 1) DPA (21.3 MB PDF) was approved by the Minister for Planning by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 20 February 2018.

The Southern Innovation Area (Part 2) DPA  was approved by the Minister for Planning by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 22 November 2018. This amendment included additional investigations to review land use directions and zoning for land between the Tonsley precinct and Marion Road (Mitchell Park) and Sturt Road (Tonsley).


The DPA is intended to support the delivery of zoning improvements to enable integrated land use and transport outcomes from the $620+ million Government Darlington Upgrade Project including the additional freeway extension and extended Tonsley train line to the Flinders University / Flinders Medical Centre site (Flinders Link).

Purpose of the amendment

The DPA will:

  • reflect the needs of a modern and growing university and health precinct through the introduction of a new Regional Activity Zone that provides for a greater range and mix of land uses
  • provide greater flexibility for intensification of employment, commercial, education, health and technology activities, supported by opportunities for high density residential
  • provide opportunities for medium to high density residential (including housing for the aged) and supportive low scale retail and commercial development adjacent key activity areas or transport routes
  • encourage the creation of a western gateway to Tonsley and extend the ‘high street’ environment to Marion Road
  • increase opportunities for a range of housing styles and densities
  • provide additional protection to the Warriparinga Wetlands.

Area affected by the amendment

The community information sheet (630.3 KB PDF) includes a map of the site and also provides details about the proposed amendment and the amendment process.

The development plans affected are:

Consultation process

Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is conducted by the State Planning Commission, established to act as the state’s principal planning advisory and development assessment body to provide advice to the Minister for Planning.

Two public drop-in information sessions were held in August 2017.

The period for receiving written public submissions closed on 29 August 2017 and a public meeting was held on 12 September 2017.

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