Repatriation General Hospital and Surrounding Areas amendment

Current status

The Repatriation General Hospital and Surrounding Areas amendment (2.2 MB PDF) was approved by the Minister for Planning by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 23 January 2018.


The State Government entered into a Contract for Sale over the majority of the Repat site with South Australian, not-for-profit organisation, ACH Group in June 2017. ACH Group proposes to invest around $200 million to renew and redevelop the site into a unique, integrated health, wellbeing, education, research, ageing and Veterans precinct.

A small part of the Repat site incorporating the ViTA Building and Orthotics, Prosthetics SA and associated car parking is being retained by SA Health; and it is the intent that Repat Radiology (also part of SA Health) will continue on the site for at least three years, under a lease agreement with the ACH Group.

The rules that control how the Repat and adjacent land can be used are old and restrictive to institutional uses - some existing uses (like houses along Francis Street and fronting Goodwood Road or the petrol station) would not be supported if proposed as new today. To support the vision for the redevelopment of the land there is a need to change these rules, which involves a proposal detailing how those rules will change and making them available to the public for comment.

The new policy recognises the importance of heritage and the community value of the site and seeks quality design outcomes recognising the adjacent residential areas. They will also allow people, education providers, non-government organisations and businesses to invest in the site for healthcare, learning, education, ageing and community related purposes, with confidence.

Purpose of the amendment

The DPA proposes to:

  • rezone the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH) and abutting sites generally bound by Rockville Avenue and Goodwood and Daws Roads in Daw Park from Institutional Zone to a new Mixed Use Zone – the new zone supports the redevelopment of the subject land for a wide range of health, medical, educational, research, aged care, community, open space and recreational activities with opportunities for ancillary offices and small-scale shops, as well as accommodation focused on ageing in place, supported care, retirement living, veterans emergency housing and student living
  • introduce a new statement of Desired Character and Concept Plan to guide future land use arrangements and development of the area affected by the DPA
  • introduce new policy Overlays to promote affordable housing and address noise and air quality impacts for new residential development in the proposed Mixed Use Zone and adjacent the Goodwood Road transport corridor.

Area affected by the amendment

The community information sheet (4.6 MB PDF) includes a map of the site and also provides details about the amendment and the amendment process.

The development plan affected is the Mitcham (City) development plan.

Consultation process

Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is conducted by the State Planning Commission, established to act as the state’s principal planning advisory and development assessment body to provide advice to the Minister for Planning.

Two public drop-in sessions were held in September 2017.

The period for receiving written public submissions closed on 23 October 2017 and a public meeting was held on 31 October 2017.

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