Port Adelaide Centre Renewal Part 2 amendment

Current status

The Minister approved the Port Adelaide Centre Renewal Part 2 DPA (8.9 MB PDF) by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 11 July 2017. Prior to this, the Minister approved the Port Adelaide Centre Renewal Part 1 DPA by notice in the South Australian Government Gazette on 9 April 2015.


In 2013, the Minister for Planning initiated the Port Adelaide Centre Renewal DPA to reflect the directions of the draft Port Adelaide Project Precinct Plan (2014) in planning policy and ensure consistency between strategic planning directions and statutory planning controls. The DPA reviewed the entirety of the Regional Centre Zone and its 17 policy areas.

Following consultation, that DPA was split into two parts with those policy amendments relating to the Cruickshank’s Corner Policy Area 38 excised from Part 1 of the DPA to undergo further planning considerations.

Part 2 sought to review policies and the boundary of Cruickshank’s Corner Policy Area 38 to support a range of commercial, tourism, hospitality and community activities in the Policy Area that will revitalise this valuable area (in accordance with the Precinct Plan).

The DPA will also sought to update and strengthen policy regarding medium density residential and mixed use developments in the Port Approach Policy Area 48 for those areas fronting Dock One and the Port Adelaide River to better reflect development opportunities of the affected area.

Purpose of the amendment

Both DPAs enable the implementation of the State Government’s intent for the Port Adelaide regional activity centre, as described in the Port Adelaide Precinct Plan (2014). The DPA sought to review the policies applying to the land to enable commercial, hospitality and limited short-term tourist accommodation, together with a range of public space, maritime and recreation activities.

Area affected by the amendment

The community information sheet (421.5 KB PDF) included a map of the site and also provided details about the proposed amendment and the amendment process.

The development plan affected is the Port Adelaide Enfield Council development plan.

Consultation process

Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is conducted by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), an independent statutory committee which provides advice to the Minister for Planning.

Public consultation on this amendment closed at on 9 January 2017. A public meeting was held on 24 January 2017.

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