Bowden urban village and environs (interim policy) amendment

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Consultation on Ministerial DPAs is conducted by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), an independent statutory committee which provides advice to the Minister for Planning.

The Draft Bowden urban village and environs (interim policy) Development Plan Amendment - (5.6 MB PDF) (DPA) was open to public consultation with submissions received until 6 February 2012.

This DPA was superseded by the Bowden Urban Village and Environs Development Plan Amendment.

Area Affected

The area affected - (1.5 MB PDF) by this DPA related primarily to a portion of the Industry Zone at Bowden/Brompton and a portion of the District Centre Zone at Hindmarsh in the City of Charles Sturt. In addition, the DPA proposed to extend the Industry Zone's 'Industry Interface Area'.

Purpose of this DPA

The purpose of this DPA was to replace the current zones and associated policies for the area affected with a Deferred Development Zone while a comprehensive land use framework was prepared that can guide development in keeping with the vision for a transit-oriented development.

There were some potential constraints to the development of the land including site contamination, existing industrial uses and impacts from major transport routes adjacent to and through the site.

There were also significant development opportunities, particularly in terms of the provision of higher-density residential, commercial and retail development in proximity to major transport access points and the Adelaide CBD. In order to preserve those opportunities it was necessary to introduce a holding measure to protect the area affected from development that may limit the potential of this strategically important site.

Proposed Changes

The DPA proposed to amend the Charles Sturt Council Development Plan as follows:

  • amend policy in the General Section dealing with land division to allow for an arrangement of parcels consistent with the future use of the land for mixed use and high density residential development
  • rezoning the whole of the area affected as a Deferred Development Zone to prevent development occurring that could be contrary to the intended use of the land
  • amending the Industry Zone and District Centre Zone to remove superfluous text and policy as a result of rezoning the area affected
  • amending various zone, policy area, precinct and concept plan maps to reflect the rezoning of the area affected
  • within the Industry Zone, extending the 'Industry Interface Area' to apply to industrial land north of the area affected to ensure future proposals for industry take into account land use expectations on adjacent land within the area affected, including uses potentially sensitive to industrial activity.

Interim operation

The DPA commenced on interim operation on 17 November 2011 for 12 months. This means that the policies proposed as part of the public consultation apply during the consultation period and for up to 12 months or until the Minister decides the DPA.

Interim operation is used when the Minister for Planning considers it is necessary in the interests of orderly and proper development.

After the consultation process

The DPAC considers the matters raised in submissions and representations at any public meeting and then provides advice for the Minister for Planning. The Minister then considers whether to:

  • approve the draft DPA
  • make amendments to the draft DPA and approve the DPA as amended
  • decline to approve the DPA.

Alterations following gazettal

Following the gazettal of the decision and formal operation of the amendment, the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of Parliament reviews the approved amendment and may request the Minister to consider alterations. Any subsequent alterations will be notified in the Government Gazette and made to the relevant Development Plans.

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