Mount Barker urban growth amendment

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Current status

The Mount Barker Urban Growth amendment - (12.4 MB PDF) was approved and gazetted by the Minister for Urban Development and Planning on 16 December 2010.

Purpose of the amendment

The 30-Year Plan for Greater Adelaide identified land at Mount Barker and Nairne as part of Adelaide's urban land supply to accommodate the population growth of Adelaide for the next 15 years. The state government has rezoned land for urban development to support the objectives of the plan. The rezoning process enabled the establishment of new growth areas at Mount Barker and Nairne to allow for the development of at least 7,000 new dwellings across 1,310 hectares of land.

The majority of the land rezoned is adjacent to Mount Barker and will support:

  • a range of housing types
  • community support services and facilities
  • retail, commercial and industrial development.

A portion of this land was included in the existing light industry zone to ensure a range of jobs are available to new residents consistent with opportunities available to existing residents within established urban areas.

Other land was rezoned at Nairne for residential purposes to accommodate a mix of dwellings.

Proposed changes

Across the Mount Barker Council

  • revising policy to support a wide variety of housing types such as houses on a single block or town houses (thereby including medium density) in the proposed growth areas in addition to existing designated areas within the residential zone
  • providing for shopping and other centre development in the growth areas when identified on a structure plan to complement shopping provided in designated centre zones
  • amending bushfire protection area figures to recognise the changing land use profile of proposed growth areas from rural to urban, while continuing to recognise bushfire risk in future development decisions
  • ensuring development does not prejudice the potential provision of a freeway access at the Bald Hills Road alignment.

Mount Barker

  • rezoning about 1225 hectares of land from rural Mount Barker to a new residential neighbourhood zone to accommodate a range of housing forms as well as a range of services and activities
  • incorporating a number of existing residential lots near Flaxley Road into the residential zone to reflect the current use of the land
  • rezoning in excess of 40 hectares of land to light industry zone.


  • rezoning about 45 hectares of land from rural Mount Barker to residential to support a wider range of affordable housing choices.

Area affected by the amendment

The area affected by the Mount Barker urban growth amendment is shown on the affected area map - (515.5 KB PDF).

The development plan affected is the Mount Barker Council Development Plan.

The consultation process

A consultation process was conducted by the Development Policy Advisory Committee (DPAC), which provides advice to the Minister on planning and development issues.

The consultation included the acceptance of written submissions and five public meetings held at Mount Barker.

Related information


Community information sheet - (369.0 KB PDF)


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