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Subdivision and amalgamation


Amalgamation can relate to the combining of:

  • one or more allotments to create one single parcel of land
  • assessments for two or more allotments adjacent to one another and used as one property, to create a single property valuation assessment.

A plan for an amalgamation of land must be lodged with Land Services SA and will only be considered if:

  • the allotments are next to each other and are not physically separated ie adjoining land
  • land ownership and any registered estates or interests is the same for all allotments
  • the result is one allotment.

Subdividing land

The process for subdividing land can be time-consuming, complex and expensive. You can choose to submit the application yourself but as this is a complex process it is strongly recommended you get a professional licensed surveyor and a conveyancer or solicitor to:

  • determine the planning and development requirements
  • draft plans
  • lodge all applications and necessary paperwork
  • monitor the progress of the application
  • help explain the land division process .

See the SA Planning portal and SA Planning commission for more information.

A surveyor will prepare the plan and necessary paperwork to lodge with SCAP and a conveyancer or solicitor will prepare the necessary application to be lodged with Land Services SA.

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