Changing your details or getting a copy of a title

Changing your address - certificate of title

If you own a property you should advise the Land Services SA as soon as you change your residential, postal or company address. If you don't do this your old address will remain on the certificate of title, and notices such as water bills and council rates will continue to be sent to your old address. There is no fee to change your address on a certificate of title.

If you are selling the property you don't need to register a change of address.

Death of a proprietor - certificate of title

If one of the owners of a property dies you need to notify the Land Services SA. You'll need to know whether the property is held as joint tenants or tenants in common because this will decide what steps to take. To find out, you may search in Title details in SAILIS.

Land Services SA strongly advises all people to seek the assistance of a registered conveyancer or solicitor when dealing with any estate and interest in a property.

Getting a copy of your certificate of title

A certificate of title is an official record of land ownership in South Australia. You may need a copy of your certificate for various reasons including lodging development applications or applying for council approval for a pergola or extension.

Getting a copy of a certificate of title is called a register search on SAILIS.

Suppress name searches

You can apply to suppress the results of a search for your name in land information systems.

Suppression only applies to searches that use a name. If a search is made using another identifier, such as a certificate of title reference, full details will be displayed in the results. This is a free service.

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