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Boundary surveying

Cadastral (boundary) surveying is a discipline of the surveying profession that is concerned with land management, and more specifically with issues of land ownership, measurement and delineation of property boundaries.

Cadastral surveys are usually performed for the re-establishment of existing property boundaries or for the creation of new property boundaries in the land division process. In South Australia, only licensed surveyors may undertake a boundary survey or place a survey mark that defines a property boundary.

When to engage a licensed surveyor

You will need to engage the services of a licensed surveyor to:

  • When you're buying or selling land, they can identify and mark  the location of existing property boundaries on the ground, through Identification Surveys that may be required for fencing or construction purposes
  • prepare and certify most plans of land division or amalgamation in line with local zoning laws and regulations
  • create an easement
  • identify the location of an easement
  • prepare plans in relation to Roads Opening and Closing Act 1991.

Finding a surveyor

Find a licensed surveyor in the yellow pages. Search under the listing "Surveyors - Land". (Note that not all surveyors included under this listing are Licensed Surveyors).

All licensed surveyors are registered with the Surveyors Board of South Australia and listed in the South Australian Government Gazette. Check the register to make sure the surveyor you have chosen is licensed. Amendments to the Register made in between published versions in the Gazette are available from the Surveyors Board Registrar.

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Survey Act 1992

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