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Fees and charges

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Fee calculators

Online fee calculators are available to work out fees payable for plans and documents lodged with the Lands Titles Office (LTO).

Property transfer fees calculator

The property transfer fees calculator quickly calculates the stamp duty, Lands Titles Office (LTO) lodgement and transaction fees associated with a property transfer.

Transfer registration fees

Guides to the fees applied to land transfers based on the value of the property being transferred:

Transfer registration fees 2018-2019 (85.9 KB PDF)

The method used to calculate these fees is available in the full list of fees and charges shown below.

Plan lodgement fees

Plan lodgement fees 2018-2019 (47.8 KB PDF)

Lands Titles Office documents

A-Z list of documents and the fees charged for lodgement with the LTO:

Document lodgement fees 2018-2019 (130.3 KB PDF)

SAILIS charges

Price list for accessing property information through SAILIS:

SAILIS price list 2018-2019 (223.1 KB PDF)

Full list of fees and charges

Compilations of the fees set out in the following regulations:

  • Real Property Regulations 2009
  • Roads (Opening and Closing) (Fees) Regulations 2006
  • Strata Titles (Fees) Regulations 2001
  • Survey Regulations 2007
  • Bills of Sale Regulations 2009
  • Community Title Regulations 2006
  • Workers Lien Regulations 1999.

Fees and charges for 2018-2019 (387.0 KB PDF)

Property valuation review fees

The fees for lodging a review application.

2018 - 2019 financial year

  • $107.00 for land used solely as your principal place of residence
  • $266.00 for any other land

The fees for a review application can also be found on your objection outcome correspondence.

The fees can be paid by:

  • cash, cheque, money order or credit card if lodging the application over the Land Services counter
  • cheque or money order if lodging the application by mail
  • credit card payments can be made by phoning 1300 653 345.

If the review valuer determines that the value should be altered by an amount greater than 10% of the Valuer-General's value, then that value will be adopted and the application fee refunded.

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