Provide feedback about Housing SA

Housing SA has several ways to receive customer feedback, compliments, complaints, comments or suggestions.

Submit feedback

Talking to a supervisor

You can contact Housing SA and ask to speak with the supervisor of the staff member who:

  • provided the service
  • made the decision
  • you would like to complain about.

If the issue is still unresolved you can request to speak with the supervisor's manager.

Making a formal complaint

You can use the contact options above to make a complaint if you are unhappy with:

  • how service was provided
  • the conduct of a staff member.

All complaints are treated seriously and confidentially. When making a complaint it may be useful for you to keep a note of:

  • who you spoke with and what section of Housing SA they were from
  • the date and time you talked to them
  • what you talked about - eg what you were told or what they were going to do.

Free, independent support and advice are provided by the Tenants Information and Advocacy Service. They can act as an advocate on your behalf with Housing SA.

If you're unhappy with a decision made by Housing SA you can appeal.

To complain about the behaviour of a Housing SA tenant see antisocial behaviour in public housing.

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