Complaining to the landlord of a disruptive neighbour

If you're still having problems with a noisy or disruptive neighbour after you've spoken with them, you'll need to complain to the landlord or the owner of the property. Call the police if you believe your safety or the safety of others is at risk - 131 444 (or 000 in an emergency).

Finding the owner of a property

You can find the owner of a property by:

You should be able to tell from the results whether your neighbour owns the property, or if they are renting:

  • privately
  • public housing
  • from a community housing organisation.

The neighbour owns the property

If your neighbour owns the property, report any complaints to the appropriate authority.

Report a disruptive neighbour describes how and where to report different types of problems.

The neighbour rents the property

Tenants who interfere with the comfort, peace and privacy of their neighbours are breaking the conditions of their lease agreement.

Tenants are responsible for:

  • the behaviour of everyone living or visiting the property
  • the behaviour and welfare of pets and other animals
  • keeping the property in a good and reasonable condition.

Private rental

Ask the landlord or the property owner to intervene. If the problem continues, contact the Consumer and Business Services tenancies branch for advice.

Community housing

If your neighbour is renting from a community housing association or cooperative contact that organisation to make a complaint.

Public housing

To complain about a public housing tenant do one of these things:

All complaints are kept confidential and treated seriously. If you choose to remain anonymous it may limit Housing SA's ability to respond to and resolve the issue.

Residents in a rooming house or residential park

If you have an issue with a resident in a rooming house or residential park speak to the park operator or rooming house proprietor.

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