Subletting and assigning a residential park agreement


Residents should check the park rules before they sub-let their site and the terms for sub-letting. If they sub-let without permission, they'll be breaching their agreement.

If sub-letting is allowed, the resident will need a sub-tenancy agreement with the park operator.

The agreement between the resident and the sub-tenant may be an oral or written agreement, but a written agreement is best.

Assigning an agreement

Assigning an agreement means to transfer it to another person.

Residents need written approval from the park operator to assign their agreement - Written notice requesting to assign an agreement (917.4 KB PDF). The park operator can't refuse a request unless there's a good reason and they can ask for a small charge to cover administrative costs for assigning the agreement.

Site agreement only

At least 14 days before an agreement is assigned to another person, the resident must advise them to contact the park operator to request the information that must be provided to them.

See ‘Before an agreement is made’ on Renting a site

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