Rent and other charges

The park operator can ask for up to two weeks' rent in advance at the start of the residential park agreement. Residents don't have to pay any more rent until the two weeks has expired.

There may be other residential service and utility charges as well as rent, the park operator needs to keep records of these and issue receipts to residents for any money paid.

    Rent - managing changes

    Increasing the rent

    The rent can only be increased:

    • if it has been at least 12 months since the last increase or since the start of the residential park agreement, and the park operator has given the resident at least 60 days written notice of rent increase (310.6 KB PDF)
    • within 60 days of a housing improvement order being lifted and after providing residents with at least 14 days written notice of rent increase.

    If a fixed term agreement is in place rent can't be increased for the duration of the agreement unless there's a condition that specifically allows for an increase in the rent.

    If specific rent increases are set out in an agreement and the dates on which the increases will occur are clearly defined, written notice isn't required.

    Residents can apply to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) if they believe a rent increase is excessive. SACAT can make an order determining the amount of rent and the length of time the rent must remain at this amount.

    Reducing the rent

    Rent can be reduced by agreement and can occur on a temporary basis. Residents should be told the date the rent will revert back to the original amount.

    Other fees and charges

    Service charges

    If the site being rented is individually metered for utilities such as electricity and water they can be included in a residential park agreement as separate charges.

    If there is no individual meter, these charges can be included in the rent.

    Residents can ask for the details of services charged separately. If the park operator doesn't provide this information, they don't have to pay for them.

    The information provided about the service charges should include:

    • the amount used
    • the dollar amount of the charges and how that was calculated
    • the period of time the charge relates to
    • any other related matters, itemised and specific charge for each item.

    If bottled gas is provided to a resident it's their responsibility to fill the gas bottle as needed and pay for the gas they use.

    Fees for overnight visitors

    The park operator can include a condition in the residential park agreement that a fee will be charged for overnight visitors to the park. The dollar amount for this should be clearly stated in the agreement or in the park rules.

    Things the park operator can’t charge for

    Park operators can't charge a fee:

    • for the provision of a key, opening device or information needed for 24-hour access to the park
    • to consider or consent to the renewal or extension of a residential park agreement.

    Concessions for residents

    Residents may be eligible for concessions on water, energy bills, dog registration, telephone and other household bills. There's also a concession specifically for residential park residents.

    Check the concession finder for eligibility.

    Issuing receipts and record keeping

    A park operator must give the resident a receipt for any rent money within 48 hours unless the rent is paid directly into a bank account. Park operators must keep detailed rent records for all rent paid.

    The rent receipts and records information sheet (629.2KB PDF) provides examples of proper rent records.

    Park operators must give residents receipts for:

    • bond - a receipt must be issued even if it's paid directly into a bank account
    • rent - if rent's paid directly into a bank account a receipt doesn't need to be given, but proper records must be kept of any rent paid
    • service and utility charges
    • any other payments made.

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